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Are we still permitted to use the term “black humor”? Maybe off the wall is a better choice. Yesterday Bill showed me one of those ads ( I call them snake oil promotions) about a solution for memory loss. Of course, people want hope and then some people view these potions with big promises as scams. This particular one was painted over many pages as the answer to regaining your memory.

I am the skeptic here: he is the open minded guy. I have managed in the last few months to persuade Bill to let me order these supplements via a check. Once you order on-line with a credit card it can take many long waits on the phone to get them to stop billing you.

I began to read this brochure and paused when I looked at the picture of the miraculous product. Ahhhh, yes. I asked Bill to come in the kitchen with me. Then handed him the very same product from the ad and asked – remember this? Luckily we both laughed. he had been taking it for a month. Here is the deal I said. They want to sell you this very product to fix your memory but you have been taking it and you can’t remember getting it.

As my friends and physicians, past and present know, I am no fan of medicine. For me, the side effects have outweighed any benefits and I don’t believe that potions are the answere. But I am sure that our primary Dr. would be quick to recommend this supplement if it had any ability to reverse or even delay memory loss.

And now to Target where I plan, as usual, to buy things I don’t need. But today, even more stuff  is coming home with me. I want to support their decision to make their restrooms open to whatever gender you think you are. Why don’t we just have big restrooms with lots of stalls? Surely, we could  wash hands, apply make up and tell everyone our business on our cell phones all in one big room?

What to do about everything

Isn’t that where many of us are now? The only good thing, if there was such a thing,about Prince’s death was it shut the media up for a day about Trump. How sad it is to lose a brilliant person at age 57 and it brings to mind the old saw – who knows the hour of their death?  I heard that from a man on Death Row in the 1980’s. he said he wasn’t bothered as he could die at any minute or get a reprieve and that none of us can know when we will die.

Awful as it is, I have often said no, not him, or her, why not some awful Isis killer or some awful politician – why couldn’t they have died instead of Maya Angelou.

And Trump goes on. Don’t remind me I said this but I almost miss football. As much as I hate the roar of the crowd and the announcers telling us where this brain damage seeking young man went to high school, it isn’t as bad as the sound or sight of Trump.

I ma dismayed as my husband keeps saying Trump could be President. I can’t threaten a move to Canada anymore as the weather doesn’t suit my clothes or my older bones. But it is unthinkable that this oaf, this snake oil purveyor could actually appeal to the sane people left in America.