What to do about everything

Isn’t that where many of us are now? The only good thing, if there was such a thing,about Prince’s death was it shut the media up for a day about Trump. How sad it is to lose a brilliant person at age 57 and it brings to mind the old saw – who knows the hour of their death?  I heard that from a man on Death Row in the 1980’s. he said he wasn’t bothered as he could die at any minute or get a reprieve and that none of us can know when we will die.

Awful as it is, I have often said no, not him, or her, why not some awful Isis killer or some awful politician – why couldn’t they have died instead of Maya Angelou.

And Trump goes on. Don’t remind me I said this but I almost miss football. As much as I hate the roar of the crowd and the announcers telling us where this brain damage seeking young man went to high school, it isn’t as bad as the sound or sight of Trump.

I ma dismayed as my husband keeps saying Trump could be President. I can’t threaten a move to Canada anymore as the weather doesn’t suit my clothes or my older bones. But it is unthinkable that this oaf, this snake oil purveyor could actually appeal to the sane people left in America.

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