I certainly wouldn’t name my lap dog Pence. It is a bad call name. And I wouldn’t plagiarize a speech. Melania isn’t a very good call name, either. Of course, Trump’s wife didn’t write the speech so why blame her? I wonder what he does call his wife or does he just push a buzzer until she appears?

Looking at a Trump presidency, plagiarism is nothing compared to the havoc this tiny fingered demagogue would bring to the Oval office. Or, would he even use the office? Maybe his children would take turns at playing President as though it is an apprentice job.

This is the problem; we have no idea what he would try to do. I used to think we lived in perilous times because of wars, foreign threats, currency manipulation, the Taliban and Isis. Now, the threat is within our borders.

And today, the Democratic Convention begins. I found Bill Clinton’s drop in on the Attorney General at the airport a stupid move with Hilary under siege. Listen up Hilary supporters, we must work even harder after the bias shown by Debbie Wassserman Schultz. And the talking heads say that Debbie’s manipulations were nothing – just typical behavior within any party. But a lot of people think it was wrong and clearly people on the convention floor thought it wrong, to say nothing of the Bernie supporters outside in old school protest mode.

The first night of the Democrats in Philadelphia brought us back to reality. Of course, the party was not united – Bernie Sanders supporters have a righteous anger. I believe most of them will back Clinton if only to put a halt to the madness that is Trump.

Michelle Obama gladdened my heart. I kept saying- this is my party and then Bernie did what was needed in a masterful speech. We are the party of hope, compassion, change and all that is right with America. Let’s remember, we have lived through Nixon, the Vietnam War, the Bushes and we will come out in November and do the right thing.

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