The current political side show is maddening, disconcerting and crazy. Seeing a so called grown man have daily temper fits is nauseating.

I do know how we dealt with children’s temper tantrums in the past. I believed that these displays were big moves for attention. My answer was withdrawing the attention. Generally this involved moving the toddler to her own room and insisting she remain there until she could control the shrieking and flailing about. This was so effective that she only behaved this way a few times. No fun without an audience.

This lack of attention would do wonders for that world’s oldest living toddler, Trump. He hates the media which gives them their opportunity to teach him a lesson. Withdraw the attention and maybe he will withdraw from the race although he is going to be easy to beat.

So, we must endure the next months in order to see the last of him. Does anyone notice that Mike Pence looks like that character Roger Sterling, played by John Slattery on Mad men? I so hope he will behave like Roger but maybe that is too much to hope for.

Since writing this Trump is practicing being Trump with his new picks for his campaign. The Drudge Report – there is scurrilous journalism and I cringe to call that website journalism. Reads more like The Enquirer except the Enquirer does have a good reputation for fact checking. It is said that water seeks its own level. Sewer level here is my take.

Much as I despise all things trump, and much as I try to not hear his voice or see his braying mouth, I do hope his new handlers are unable to teach him anything. Give him enough rope to feed the raging narcissism and we will be popping the champagne in November.

There is a banner hanging on my garage as of yesterday. It reads CLINTON 2016 and measures 4 by 10 feet. I was going to have one made that said DEFEAT ADOLF TRUMP but after sleeping on that thought, I chose to go positive. Let’s all go to work and elect a sane person. It is my belief that whether you like Hillary Clinton or not, there really is no choice but to defeat the Republicans, on all fronts.

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