Why am I sending this letter to you? I know that most of you are Democrats and would never vote for someone like Donald Trump. But there may be a few Republicans who will receive this. I deeply hope that you will read it. If each of us can change one vote we can win this election. I also ask that all of you who are voting for Hillary to take one person with you to cast a vote for her.

Everything depends on us. I mean the us that can’t bear the thought of a racist in our highest office. The us that knows we are all the same no matter where we were born or whether we are poor, middle class, wealthy, black, Hispanic or any color combination. What difference is there when we laugh, are in pain, when we weep, when our children excel, when we lose a parent or a child. We cannot afford anyone in office to think, talk and act the way Trump’s supporters do.

They speak of deportation, sending Hillary to prison, even executing her. Will someone please tell me how this kind of thinking became acceptable?

In the 80’s I lived in Georgia for 10 years and it took me over 3 of those years to see the underbelly of this God fearing, flag waving segment of our country. Racism touched everything, from voting rights to schools.

Years later – 2016 – look at us now: we are seeing the racism that lives like a giant suppurating fungus spread across America.

Why does it matter so much? Ask all of Europe, ask Mexico and Central America. I wish we could hear from Martin Luther King today. Trump demeaned black Americans by insulting their culture and urging them to vote for him. He asked “what have you got to lose?” There is only one answer – everything.

We will lose the world’s respect, our freedom of the press, our economy, the future of our children – whatever you hold dear – unless you are a fascist fellow traveler, you will lose your most basic rights.

Many will find health insurance too costly. Government programs that help large numbers of us will be under assault. I cannot bear to think of the government appointments that Trump ( the world’s oldest living toddler) will make.

The cost to all of us is bigger than we can imagine. This cost is greater than any economy. The cost is our empathy, our kindness, our commitment to honesty, our willingness to help, and the things that we have stood for all over the world.

What is at stake –

Civil liberties and equal rights

Women’s rights

Minimum wage increase

Family leave for medical needs


Environment and energy

College loans

Education for all

Repeal of Citizens United


The most important reason of all to elect Hillary Clinton is

The Supreme Court

We must stop Trump. Everything is at stake.


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