This is a simple message – we have to win. We must defeat Trump. Our country will be in a quagmire if this sociopath wins on Tuesday.

I’m not going to say I will leave the country but if I were not in my 70’s, I would say this. For many Americans. loyal Americans, will not be able to afford to leave. And where do we go if we want to leave? Most countries that would be politically acceptable don’t take immigrants unless they can buy property, start a business or qualify because of job skills.

If you have not voted, go to the polls and elect Hilary. I don’t give a damn if you like her, hate her or have become disillusioned with politics in general. We have no time for this. You are voting against a miserable, narcissistic sociopath who respects no one. If anyone belongs in prison, it is Trump.

I think conspiring with Russia to win an election is called a very ugly word. Occupy Democrats reported that his daughter Ivanka, has vacationed in Croatia with Putin’s girlfriend in the last few months. This news item included photographs. Yet Trump claims he has no contact with Putin.

Please, vote and refuse to let our country be taken over by this terrible man.


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