Note – I am having eye difficulties so please excuse any errors.

I have been writing a mournful dirge in my head for weeks. I have looked many times at a photo of my daughter on the front page of the Miami News. We had spent our usual Saturday at Key Biscayne, picketing then President Nixon who was staying at his friend, Bebe Rebozo’s house.

We were with teachers and friends, young and old and all active in opposing Nixon.

This weekend, over 40 years later, how do I look at our children and say I don’t know what happened. What happened to compassion, patriotism and pride in our power to change our country. In many ways we did effect change. I was doing an evening shift at Switchboard, a Miami Hotline when we heard that abortion was declared legal – 1973.

Now, we still have sort of legal abortion, that is, if you are lucky enough to live in the right state and have money. I did not imagine an America in which I would have to fight and fight to keep this right.

And is no one concerned that Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, vacationed with Wendy Wang, a sometime girlfriend of Putin. They were in Croatia in August of last year. Would a Democrat’s daughter get a pass from the press on this kind of meeting?

Is there any hope for preserving anything against the predators that roam the White House? What about on-going Health Care? Social Security? A free press? Healthy school lunches? Clean air? On and on but I won’t. There is so much to be concerned about. Worry is debilitating whether it is personal or global. We all seem to worry when we can’t sleep or when we stop and think for a minute about the disaster we all now face.

For, whether you voted for him or mot, we will all pay for this travesty of politics.

I am sure parents have always worried about what kind of world is awaiting their offspring. Hell, I’m worried if I will even have any health care when I may really need it.

If people on average incomes lose Medicare, health care period, this jeopardizes not only their financial future but their survival.

Disclaimer- I am not a friend of conventional medicine. For most of my life, I only took recreational marijuana which met many needs. Then I was poisoned by Cipro – by listening to an ER doc who wouldn’t listen to me. End of story; definitely feel I was bullied into that IV Cipro in 2009. Since then, my life has been dealing with the side effects. However, If I break a bone, need surgery, or any health issue I will need my health insurance.

I could just bore myself to death here and go and on through each Cabinet decision, blah, blah blah.

What do we tell our children and our grandchildren? We can tell them about the history we have witnessed and the lessons learned. But I do wonder sometimes if we have learned anything. I have asked young people who say they won’t vote to explain their reasons. The dominant reason is that both parties are just alike- no differences at all between the Democrats and Republicans. I haven’t heard this in last 100 days.

If anyone seriously tells me now that the 2 parties are the same I may smack them. If you think Trump and his co-horts are anything like Obama, Clinton, Roosevelt and Johnson,  you need to see a psychiatrist. These parties represent good and evil.

The only thing I can say that is honest for me is RESIST. Maybe our motto could be TAKE BACK THE SIXTIES. I had hope then. Let’s seek hope again.